Fresno Flight Center


Choose Your Own Color and Weight!

Putt and Approach
P-1 Maniac
P-2 Putter
True flying straight putter and approach disc
More stable putter and approach disc

GM Gremlin
MD2 Fiend
Between a mid-range and a fairway driver
Straight flying will hold any line
Stable midrange

DD2 Frenzy
PD2 Chaos
DD Hysteria
13 speed driver
Fast flight, lots of glide
12 speed and very overstable
Provides control with long distance
PD Freak
TD Rush
TD2 Fever
CD Craze
Go to driver for almost anyone.
Easy to throw with lots of glide
All purpose driver
Easy to throw, versatile, and reliable
FD Jackel
Accurate with good glide.
A fairway driver with a little more fade.